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    Yup dat was d tagline for AXN astro channel 701, these recent weekdays I watched this amazing RED n WHTE-logo channel n ma favorite series ARE : HAWAII FIVE-0 ! n LEVERAGE ! both r cool n so so so AMAZING ! the actors and actresses owh ! well , we start with Hawaii Five-o first k

    Four strengths :
    1-Steve McGerard > In the teaser advert- he is known as D RUGGED IS BACK- he is Alex O'Loughlin. He is d leader of d pack :: an ex SEAL n often drive d hot wheels vigorously :: very very HAWT n COOL :: perfect package.
    2-Danny Wiiliams > ma tie man :: often seen with his tie, as a cop (HPD-Hawaiian Police Department) he always talk d talk :: he's d drive-me-mad-with-word kinda guy. I somehow finds his walking a lil bit strange (blame d tights pants :: LOL) Teaser : D MACHO played by Scot Caan
    3-Chin Ho Kelly > Asian men ! Daniel Dae Kim - he play d role of our favorite Biker n always a man dat u can count on
    4-Kono Kalakaua > D ONLY BABE IN D PACK ! played by Grace Park. She was Chin's lil cousin n often called Rookie as she is d newest member of Hawaii Five-o :: A Sharpshooter n so HAWT  in two pieces Yum !

    Level up with d plot, this remake promises a whole new case of criminal took place in Hawaii, n as usual, d team will always succeeded with flying colors. I love d scripts n d whole plot in each eps when d investigation took a really short time (well dat is nearly possible if u have a HIGLHY-POWERED-UP-TABLE-WITH-TOUCH-SCREEN). Give it a try n u'll never regret it.

    From Left :: Kono , Danny , Steve , n Chin
    p/s : for those who might actually think dat this series will show u A LOT OF HAWT SEXY BABES ... well u r wrong - it is after all PG-rated but there is no worries if u watch it with ur younger bro o sis, it is CUT ! n one more ISSUE :: I learned dat ALOHA which is generally worldwide known as Hello in Hawaiian- also means Goodbye :: C, a useful knowledge indeed, one word :: Recommended !

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