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    Now ! Lets go for ma second favorite tv series on AXN :: LEVERAGE ! I started to watch leverage when ma brother ask me to. By d first look of it I gotta be frank, dat I don't like it, but also I didn't hate it, maybe because of the lead role :: Timothy Hutton which he plays d role as Mr. Brain & Nathan Ford at the same time, well he is d pack's leader.
    The series is about a team of FIVE bad-guys, turns out to be d GOOD GUYS. A lil twist huh ? They work for themselves n often receives any job dat refers to their skills. Like proclaim an asset, capture d corrupts, reclaim any account, n so much more.

    Here's the list of cast :

    1- Timothy Hutton :Nathan/Nate Ford a.k.a The Brains, he was d strategist for almost every mission they encounter. Happen to haf a romantic tale-history with Sophie but Sophie refused to.
    2- Gina Bellman : Sophie Deveraux a.k.a The Grifter, because she is British anyways, she always d girl to mingle closely with d boss of d bad guys. Uses her ability to play a great act she is d representative for d famous quote of :: Looks can be Deceiving ::

    3- Christian Kane : Eliot Spencer a.k.a TheHitter, former bodyguard n dislikes guns. He's always d life saviors for d rest of d team. Uses his muscles n skills in martial arts to finish d job.

    4- Beth Riesgraf : Parker a.k.a The Thief : She was adopted by several fosters home n finally trained by a very skillful expert thief, n she is d product of a very successful pick-pocket, safe-cracker, n cat-burglar. Her stretchy flexible torso is d best use to invade any premises. She has an affection towards Hardison but unfortunately ... no skill for dat.

    5- Aldis Hodge : Alec Hardison a.k.a The Hacker. He is d expertise in computers n can hack into most forms of electronics without gettin caught. In one of d eps, he was hypnotized by Nate to play violin n he NAILED IT !

    Well dis series a lil bit different from other series because we can actually c d good side of the bad guys, n wad happen when d bad guys take out d actual bad guys ? Gettin dizzy already ?Watch it urself n judge !

    From Left : Eliot, Parker, Nate, Sophie n Hardison

    Noted : I LOVE YOU PARKER ! Hot Thief gets even Hotter when they were ... BLONDE !

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