• .:: DEO-holic ::.

    dis one is for girl - but I'd try it twice !
      I have a confession :: I AM A DEOHOLIC :: wad d ? gheghe ... dat is deodorant lover. Not dat I'm not aware of d effect of spray deo to d ozone layer, nor d effect to increase estrogen in ur body which can lead to breast cancer (I AM FULLY AWARE) but instead of roll-on which is some of d products may take a lil time to dry on our skin n ALWAYS leave d yellowish on our shirt (Hate It) it is also very stubborn stain. Deo isn't just a product to help u from body 'dis-odour' its also provides d fragrance which can replace ur empty bottle perfume on ur desk(LOL). Btw, why am I a DEO-holic ? because I had had with me about 8 DEO at a time. Different fragrance n different brands. I just love d smell of new-glide on ur underarm (not dat I had sniff on others armpit k) Deo is a Must-have product for nowadays kids n A COMPULSORY PRODUCT for d bangla n all d foreign factory workers which HAVING A REAL MAJOR PROBLEM with their KETIAK ! urgh ... can't stand it.

    Noted : Ma collection like, feelin Fresh in POWDER,CLEAN,ANTI-PERSPIRANT,ANTIBACTERIAL, CONFIDENCE,POWER n TROPIC COCKTAIL-gotta haf a variety to choose each day rite ?

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    1. congrats...aku dah dapat ko punya addition....skang dah ada 4 type...