• .:: KCA ! 2011 D Shortest Slimiest Ever ::.

    Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards aired on Nickelodeon last evening was A BLAST ! with d opening performance by The Black Eyed Peas, n Jack Black (as d host) I totally ADORED n FLATTERED when all of em actually SHUFFLED on d stage FLAWLESSLY ! Nice Job ! Afta Miranda Cosgrove n Steve Tyler present d award for d best film actor to Johnny Depp , the BTR entered !
    BIG TIME RUSH ! gosh u guys took ma breath away :: with d final act as Snoop Dog gettin Slimed ! haha n d ever Slimiest actress is ... HEIDI KLUM ! (I hope dat d dress she wears isn't VERSACE). Over all d event is AN OK, I'm a lil bum because of some artist didn't come out but they were announced at d beginning of d event (I'm not sure if they were the presenter o performance o d winner) Eventually , THERE IS NO WIILOW SMITH ! I'm kinda disappointed because there were not much :: It's like Nickelodeon itself had edited d whole event just to fit d one hour slot in Nickelodeon (pfft ... no wonder it tooks only one hour) Well lastly, it always d cliche act when d host get d slimiest of all (just a lil twist when Jim Carrey rides a mini hot air ballon on d center stage).

    Big Time Rush !

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